At Critical Infrastructure Attack challenge you will have the chance of  a full hacking experience against Industrial Electronic Devices, meant to delight both young endeavors and more experienced hackers.

Our challenge is designed around 4 tracks that you can choose from:

  1. A mock-up of a railway infrastructure that uses a SCADA (supervisory, control and data acquisition) application to display operational data and control the railway switch yard automation together with a renewable generation solar and wind power plant;
  2. Simulated substation control system where you will have a protection relay that receives and transmits signals from/to a dedicated testing box and is directly connected to a single line diagram (illustrates some of the primary substation switching devices) and an HMI for operational control purposes;
  3. Various PLCs to hack that emulate small industrial control processes;
  4. An industrial robot arm that will be at your disposal to manipulate and play with;

The goal of the challenge it to disrupt all industrial processes by targeting ICS specific protocols and devices;

This competition is organised & sponsored by Enevo Group.


  • Wifi Pineapple Nano
  • REMO 1631 1/16 2.4G 4WD Brushed Off Road Monster Truck SMAX RC Car
  • Alfa Network AWUS036NHA IEEE 802.11b/g/n wireless USB adapter

Rules of Engagement

  • The goal of the challenge it to disrupt all industrial processes by targeting ICS specific protocols and devices;
  • Teams of max 3 members;
  • Denial of Service is not allowed;
  • Report discovered vulnerabilities to a Referee;
  • Points will be given based on the vulnerabilities you manage to exploit;
  • Extra points will be given for attacks on ICS specific protocols and devices;
  • You will need to find a way into the infrastructure;
  • Use tools and scripts of your liking;
  • Any dispute will be resolved on-site by the referee, who has final decision;
  • Disrespecting any of these rules as well as any offensive action taken against any other participants will result in immediate disqualification;

Organizers in 2017

  • Alexandru Suditu, Infrastructure & Security Manager at ENEVO Group
  • Sebastian Pitei, Enevo Group
  • Alexandra Neacsu, Enevo Group
  • Alexandru Palacean, Enevo Group
  • Murat Ablai, Enevo Group

Sponsors & Partners

They help us make this conference possible.

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