Scholarship for the Global Cybersecurity Camp (GCC)

DefCamp has been selected to represent Romania at the Global Cybersecurity Camp (GCC)!

The GCC is an annual international cybersecurity training program that gathers up to 30 students from member countries for a week of intensive learning, experience exchange, and networking with top cybersecurity professionals. This program aims to nurture future global cybersecurity leaders. 

You can read more about GCC here.

As a new proud member of the GCC, DefCamp has launched a scholarship program to select the best two Romanian students to participate in the GCC in 2025. The official schedule will be announced soon.

Eligibility criteria:


Student selection process:


Benefits for selected students


Application deadline – 1st of September 2024

    Secure your spot at the GCC!

    First, make sure that you meet the eligibility criteria. Then, send us your application following the guidelines on this page. The selection committee will thoroughly review all applications to ensure candidates meet the eligibility criteria and exhibit the qualities desired for the scholarship.

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