You can’t really know what is lurking around in the air. Are you on a secure connection? Don’t worry, we will test that for you, and we will tell you what we find. Well, maybe not only to you :grin:.

How it Works?

The Wifi PWNED Board is a real time demonstration of available risks when you trust Wireless connections. DefCamp staff will automatically analyze the traffic on the network, looking for indication of users logging into their email accounts, web sites, or other network services without using protection mechanisms. The evidences are included into the Wifi PWNED Board in order to friendly remind you how important is to connect to untrusted networks in a responsible way. Anyone who wants to learn how to protect and not being a target on the Board, is welcome to have a talk with our crew and we would be more than happy to help.

This competition is proudly sponsored by Orange Romania.

Raise awareness about wireless security issues.

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