Active Defense Untangled

Once upon a time all we needed to keep our digital life safe and secure was a valid Antivirus but nowadays cyber security has evolved in a way that security professionals can barely keep up with, hundreds of security solutions, next generation technologies, machine learning and artificial intelligence…etc.
Unfortunately with all these technologies and digital development, hackers are still finding new ways to attack business and people everyday.
Mohamed Bedewi said that “The reason is very simple, we have less or delayed intelligence when it comes to sophisticated and persistent threats and also we’re following outdated approaches for defense”.
In his presentation at DefCamp 2017, he will explain what exactly is active defense and how can it be fully utilized in production environments in order to achieve almost 0% of false-positives. He will also highlight the process of extracting intelligence while feeding it to deployed security devices so you can always stay ahead!
Mohamed will be for the 3rd time on stage at DefCamp ready to answer all your questions and to share his experience and knowledge in the Active Defense topic. He currently works as Senior Security Researcher and Penetration Tester having more than 13 years of technical experience working with sensitive governmental entities, banks, colleges, major telecommunication providers, power and energy providers, transportation authorities…etc.
We took the opportunity to ask Mohamed what was his impression about DefCamp and about us and he said that:

“DefCamp is a unique cyber security conference with the right blend between hacking and security, very informative and social with amazing and dedicated team who seek perfection and an entire different experience every year. I don’t consider myself as a DefCamp speaker but more of a DefCamp core member who can’t miss the conference and that’s why I keep coming back every year”

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