The DefCamp team

DefCamp started in 2011 as a small meetup among a group of online friends who wanted to share their IT security knowledge. Over the years, more and more people with a shared passion for cybersecurity came together in Bucharest to connect and learn from top-tier security specialists, entrepreneurs, researchers, and scientists.

The DefCamp experience includes inspirational speeches, interactive panels, workshops, live demos, competitive challenges, attractive contests and so much more. All of them are constantly adapting to the changes around us.

The team is small, yet passionate and manages to create awesome experiences every year. They embrace change and adapt in order to keep the community together. 

Meet the people behind the curtains

Our DefCamp Conference


anniversary edition brought together over 2 thousand participants who shared research and engaged in panels on different topics related to cyber security, along with dozens of partners and activities.

Andrei Avădănei


Florina Dumitrache

Coordinator & Community Manager

Alexandru Basalic

Security Analyst

Anatol Prisacaru

cyber security enthusiast

Ioana Daniela Rijnetu

Communication & Content creator

Silvia Cristea


Lucian Nitescu

cyber security enthusiast

Andra Zaharia


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