Hacking Village

This has been the DefCamp playground for all hacking activities since 2016. Since then, we hosted more than 50 cybersecurity and hacking competitions to keep the community engaged and entertained. 

The purpose of the Hacking Village is to offer a safe and educational environment to practice cybersecurity skills and learn new ones.

Competitions require and include abilities and know-how from red teaming, blue teaming, pentesting, forensics, social engineering, web security, reverse engineering and more! Contestants needed all of them to solve challenges and win prizes in competitions like the IoT Village, Target John, Hack the Bank, Car Hacking Village, and others.

Starting with 2020, DefCamp Hacking Village is hybrid thanks to the cyber range platform CyberEDU.

Retired Activities

The following activities were discontinued or rebranded at some point.

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