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Our DefCamp community dedicated environment for activities and competitions is the Hacking Village. Since 2021 we turned hybrid and we work with CyberEDU, a cyber-range as a service platform to manage hacking competitions, capture the flag competitions and tournaments.

We plan to keep on hosting exciting infosec competitions from our main DefCamp Capture the Flag to the IoT Village and Social Engineering contests. But of course we want to bring more every year, as they attract lots of participants from all over the world. We are permanently looking for exciting contest proposals to be included in the Hacking Village so if you have any ideas, feel free to contact us.

We have a short wishlist of competitions we would love to host for the DefCamp conference.

If you believe that you can support us to make any of those challenges happen, drop us a line.

House Rules

You may want to consider these rules before sending your ideas:

/ When applying, make sure you have what it takes to make the contest happen.

/ It should be related to cyber security, obviously.

/ Don’t forget, there is no such thing as a bad contest.

What we are looking for?
  • Attack Defense / King of the Hill / Jeopardy-style competitions
  • Red Team oriented competitions (eg. Pentest, Pwn, Advanced Exploitation)
  • Blue Team oriented competitions (eg. Incident Response, Forensics, Network Analysis, Memory Analysis, Logs Analysis etc)
  • Connected Car Hacking (ex. CAN)
  • Best Reverser (Reverse Engineering Challenges)
  • Critical Infrastructure Attack (ex. SCADA/Best Practices etc)
  • WAF Bypass
  • Competitive Intelligence (Open Source Intelligence / OSINT)
  • Red Team vs Blue Team CTF
  • Find the bug/vulnerability
  • Radio Village (eg. Hacking Doorbells, Alarm Systems, Wireless Sensors etc)
  • Hardware Hacking (eg. Side Channels Attacks, Extract firmware, JTAG/SPI/UART Sniffing or Injection)
Other details
  • When you apply for Hacking Village, please describe in detail what you’re thinking about, what is your experience, and if the event can be organized fully remote, hybrid (partial on-premise, partial online) or fully on-premise; do not forget to explain why
  • Some competitions won’t overlap, we will aim to support hybrid and fully-online competitions (where possible) and they will happen for longer periods of time
How can we help you succeed?
  • We will provide dedicated space to manage the event directly on CyberEDU, a cyber range as a service platform with full capabilities to organize hacking competitions and tournaments, manage users and infrastructures 
  • Our team of professionals, (sometimes former) CTF players and CTF organizers can give you feedback and get involved in the setup and development process. We are experienced in organizing more than 60 events in the Hacking Village, and over 100 CTFs.
  • We will seek for sponsors to support prizes or you can bring your own if you’d like.
  • You provide the competition challenges, we come up with an exciting community of specialists to get involved 🙂 

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