Call for Papers

Great to have you here!

As a community, we encourage knowledge sharing and collaboration, which is why we have an always-open Call for Papers.

We encourage all application security practitioners or security researchers to contribute to the DefCamp blog and show their work to the world.

Be the next DefCamp Superstar

First, submit a preview of your paper not exceeding 500 words on our online CFP for review. Documents may include videos and pictures, as well as a more extensive version of the research in a different download-able format. White paper and/or slides are a plus.

Topics of Interest

/ Web Application Security – from language to frameworks and exploits.

/ Hardware – application bypass, hardware hacking basics, and defeating “secure” hardware.

/ Physical Security – badging applications, lock picking, physical access control, physical lock forensics and long range key duplication involving software.

/ Forensics – application, physical memory forensics, solid state disk forensics and network forensics.

/ Critical Infrastructure Security – SCADA, routing, satellite, Cloud and GSM.

/ Android/iPhone/Windows Mobile research

/ Reverse Engineering Malware and Malware Analysis

/ Rootkit Detection, Techniques, and Defenses

/ Exploitation Tactics

/ Cloud Security / Assessing Cloud Security

/ Legal Issues around EULA and related topics

/ Industry Panels

/ Critical Infrastructure Security

/ Applications of Cryptographic Techniques

/ Next Generation Exploit and Exploit Mitigation Techniques

/ NFC, WLAN, GPS, HAM Radio, Satellite, RFID and Bluetooth Security

/ Articles on specific topics related to:

  • Security trends and patterns the researcher noticed and supports through strong arguments
  • New and relevant infosec statistics and infographics
  • Best practices and methodologies in cybersecurity and how they’re evolving to adapt to the new environment we operate in.

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