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VIDEO (eng)

Abdullah JosephStealing Traffic: Analyzing a Mobile Fraud
Intro to Reversing Malware

Adrian FurtunaLet's Make Pentesting Fun Again! Report writing in 5 minutes.

Adrian HadaApplying Fuzzy Hashing to Phishing Page Identification (Lightning Talk)
From Mirai to Monero – One Year’s Worth of Honeypot Data

Adrian TudorCatch Me If You Can - Finding APTs in your network

Alex “Jay” BalanPrivacy: Between Hype and Need

Alex NegreaWeb Isolation 101: Securing Web Apps against data exfiltration and shielding corporate endpoints from web-borne threats

Andrei CostinIoT Malware: Comprehensive Survey, Analysis Framework and Case Studies

Arun ManeBackdooring DVR/NVR devices
Bozeanu AndreiThe lions and the watering hole

Cosmin AnghelBack to the future: how to respond to threats against ICS environments.
Cosmin RaduBurp-ing through your cryptography shield

Cotaie AndreiWeaponizing Neural Networks. In your browser!

Cristian Pațachia-SultănoiuOpening Speech

Dan DemeterThe Hitchhiker's Guide to Disinformation, Public Opinion Swinging and False Flags

Daniel TomescuOne year after a major attack
Dimitri van de GiessenWhat happened behind the closed doors at MS

Dmitry SklyarWe will charge you. How to [b]reach vendor’s network using EV charging station.

Gabriel CirligAutoHotKey Malware – The New AutoIT
Applying Honey to the Pot - The Saga of Port 5555 (Lightning Talk)

Gabriel TanaseOne year after a major attack
Georg KnablTailored, Machine Learning-driven Password Guessing Attacks and Mitigation

Ioan ConstantinNeedles, Haystacks and Algorithms: Using Machine Learning to detect complex threats

Ioan IacobIn search of unique behaviour

Ionut GeorgescuBack to the future: how to respond to threats against ICS environments.
Ionut-Cristian BucurTor .onions: The Good, The Rotten and The Misconfigured

Ivan PetrovTiming attacks against web applications: Are they still practical?

Jan KoprivaOSSTMM: The “Measure, Don’t Guess” Security Testing Methodology
Open Directories: Sensitive data (not) hiding in plain sight

Jayson E. StreetYou're right, this talk isn't really about you!
Jelena MilosevicThe challenge of building a secure and safe digital environment in healthcare

Jesper LarssonSecurity pitfalls in script-able infrastructure pipelines.

Khalil BijjouWell, that escalated quickly! - a penetration tester's approach to privilege escalation

Kirill PuzankovMobile signaling threats and vulnerabilities - real cases and statistics from our experience

Konrad JędrzejczykWiFi practical hacking "Show me the passwords!"

Leo NeaguCatch Me If You Can - Finding APTs in your network

Maksim IavichLattice based Merkle for post-quantum epoch

Manuel WiesingerCPU vulnerabilities - where are we now?

Marek ZmysłowskiHow to Fuzz like a Hacker

Marius BucurIn search of unique behaviour

Mihai VasilescuFrom Mirai to Monero – One Year’s Worth of Honeypot Data

Mike SpicerYear of the #WiFiCactus

Mircea NenciuTrust, but verify – Bypassing MFA

Muhammad Mudassar YaminImplementation of information security techniques on modern android based Kiosk ATM/remittance machines

Mushegh HakhinianBuilding application security with 0 money down

Neil “Grifter” WylerThreat Hunting: From Platitudes to Practical Application

Octavian GuzuHacking at the ECSC
Radu-Emanuel ChiscariuDrupalgeddon 2 – Yet Another Weapon for the Attacker

Raluca StanciuEconomical Denial of Sustainability in the Cloud (EDOS)

Razvan BocuSecure and privacy-preserving data transmission and processing using homomorphic encryption

Razvan TodorBridging the gap between CyberSecurity R&D and UX

Stefan MitroiTrust, but verify – Bypassing MFA

Stefan TanaseInternet Balkanization: Why Are We Raising Borders Online?

Stefan ZarinschiThe Charter of Trust

Stephan GerlingRemote Yacht Hacking

Tiberiu BorosWeaponizing Neural Networks. In your browser!

Yury ChemerkinMobile, IoT, Clouds… It’s time to hire your own risk manager!

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