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Adrian FurtunaPentest-Tools.com - The first online penetration testing framework
Adrian HadaEternal Blues with EternalBlue

Alexandru AriciuBlackBox Debugging of Embedded Systems

Alexandru MusatSharper than a Phisher's Hook - The Story of an Email Autopsy

Alexandru StoianIncident Busters. A 2017 retrospective

Alexandru SudituEvolution of threats to Electric Power Grid Operations

Alexey OsipovATM: every day trouble

Alin PuncioiuFileless malware - beyond a cursory glance

April C WrightOrange is the New Purple - How and Why to Integrate Development Teams with Red/Blue Teams to Build More Secure Software

Arun ManeICS Humla

Bogdan SimionAre we alone in our infrastructure? A look into the dark corners of endpoints with Hubble.

Carel van RooyenAttacking Mongoose OS on Xtensa platforms

Catalin PatrascuIncident Busters. A 2017 retrospective

Cosmin RaduWeaponized RaspberryPi in Red Team Engagements

Dan DemeterBack to the IoT Future: Where Marty controls all your routers

Daniel BarbuSplunking the Clouds: finding the needle in AWS & Azure.

Daniel TomescuMinute-hacks against Robi the Robot

David WongSHA-3 vs the world

Dorin EnacheRoad to ECSC 2017

Dr.-Ing. Martin PohlackKeeping customer data safe in EC2 – a deep dive

Gabriel CirligDrive safely on the internet lane: how smart cars can leak your data
Inbar RazIn Soviet Russia, Vulnerability Finds You
Ionut MarinSharper than a Phisher's Hook - The Story of an Email Autopsy

Irina NicolaeEfficient Defenses Against Adversarial Examples for Deep Neural Networks

J Wolfgang GoerlichSecuring without Slowing

John TorakisUnexpected Shells with "covertutils"

Kirill ShipulinTurning IDS signatures against an IDS itself: a new evasion technique

Konrad JędrzejczykAre you keeping up with the Commodore, 'cause the Commodore is keeping up with you!

Lucian SararuFileless malware - beyond a cursory glance

Mihai VasilescuIoT botnets? How do they work?

Mike SpicerWhat the WiFiCactus?!?!?!

Mohamed BedewiActive Defense Untangled

Neculai Balaban Road to ECSC 2017

Olga KochetovaATM: every day trouble

Paul CogginTwisting Layer 2 Protocols

Philipp PromeuschelAttacking Mongoose OS on Xtensa platforms

Ralf C. StaudemeyerSmart Cities under Attack: Cybercrime and Technology Response
Raul AlvarezHijacking the Boot Process - Ransomware Style

René FreingruberFuzzing closed source applications

Sabin POTÎRCĂRemote Attacks against IoT
Sneha RajguruICS Humla

Stefan NiculaMinute-hacks against Robi the Robot

Stefan TanaseDrive safely on the internet lane: how smart cars can leak your data
Steve McGregoryThe Business of Cybersecurity: Life-Lessons Learned

Tudor DamianGDPR - T minus 6 months. Are you ready?

Uzoma OGBONNASplunking the Clouds: finding the needle in AWS & Azure.

Vlad SoriciSupporting innovation in cybersecurity through acceleration program – Orange Fab

Vladimir TaratushkaBug bounty conspiracy and 50 shades of gray hat. Who owns the vulnerability?

Walter BelgersLockpicking and IT Security

Yehia MamdouhYou Fail in SE If You Make Those Mistakes

Yury ChemerkinThe rise of security assistants over security audit services

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