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Chris Yule

Senior Security Researcher Secureworks

BIOGRAPHY Biography to be updated. In the Midst of Fire – Lessons Learned from Serious Incidents The most ..

Dan Tofan

Security Program Manager SecureWorks

BIOGRAPHY Dan Tofan is an experienced cyber security manager, with more than 10 years of practice, gathered in..

Tudor Damian

CIO and Managing Partner Avaelgo

BIOGRAPHY Tudor is the CIO and Managing Partner of Avaelgo – a Microsoft 2018 Country Partner of the ..

Arun Mane

Founder and Director Amynasec labs LLP

BIOGRAPHY Arun Mane is a Founder and Director of Amynasec labs LLP which is specialized in Vehicle/Iot/ICS and..

Razvan Bocu

Lecturer and Researcher Transilvania University of Brasov, Romania

BIOGRAPHY Relevant academic degrees: PhD in Computer Science (National University of Ireland, Cork, 2010), MSc..

Dan Demeter

Security Researcher - Global Research and Analysis Team Kaspersky

BIOGRAPHY Dan graduated from Imperial College London and holds a Master of Engineering in Software ..

Dragos Dabija

Security Manager Accenture

BIOGRAPHY Dragos is a Security Manager with more than 6 year experience in areas like : IoT Security, ..

Valentin Necoara


BIOGRAPHY Business Specialties: – bidding preparation – budget/forecast planning and ..

Constantin Cosmin Craciun

Application Security Engineer Axway

BIOGRAPHY Application Security Enginner at Axway and security researcher during spare-time, with more than 6 ..

Mihai Belu

Security Operations Director Electronic Arts

BIOGRAPHY With more than 15 years of experience in the security field, operating under various sectors, I now ..

Petr Kunstat

Presales Consultant Thales

BIOGRAPHY Petr Kunstat has experience with IT management in multinational companies and IT consulting in the ..

Eva Galperin

Director of Cybersecurity EFF

BIOGRAPHY Eva Galperin is the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s Director of Cybersecurity. Prior to 2007,..

Luca Pellegrino

Penetration Tester Dionach

BIOGRAPHY Luca is an experienced Penetration Tester and Ethical Hacker with a demonstrated history of working ..

Muhammad Mudassar Yamin

Research Fellow Norwegian University of Science and Technology

BIOGRAPHY Mudassar is currently working as a research fellow at the department of Information and ..

Martin Žember

Red Team Zembered Teaming

BIOGRAPHY Martin Žember is a pen-tester since 2007 and recently, he fell in love with red teaming and CTFs. ..

Maksim Iavich

Professor, Head of cyber security direction at Caucasus University, President Scientific Cyber Security Association (SCSA)

BIOGRAPHY Maksim Iavich is PH.D. in mathematics and professor of computer science. He is CEO & President ..

Raphael Robert

Head of Security Wire Swiss GmbH

BIOGRAPHY Raphael currently works as Head of Security for Wire Swiss GmbH. His areas of expertise: Cyber ..

Adrian Furtuna

Founder and Ethical Hacker Pentest-Tools.com

BIOGRAPHY Adrian is the founder of https://Pentest-Tools.com, an online platform which helps security teams ..

Mircea Hasegan

Principal Software Engineer Ixia, a Keysight Business

BIOGRAPHY Mircea is a Principal Software Engineer in Ixia, a Keysight Business. He has been with Ixia for 13 ..

Mihail-Iulian Pleșa

Engineer Military Technical Academy

BIOGRAPHY I graduated from the Military Technical Academy in 2018 with a BA in computer engineering. My BA ..

Marius Manica

Cyber Incident Response Adobe

BIOGRAPHY Having more than 7 years of experience in security, Marius has had the opportunity to see all of the..

Ilya Kostyulin

Expert Researcher JSC Advanced Monitoring

BIOGRAPHY Ilya Kostyulin has more six years of experience in information security. He has researches in the ..

Rosalia d’Alessandro

Security Associate Manager Accenture Italia

BIOGRAPHY She works as Security Associate Manager at Accenture Italia. Her expertise is related to mobile ..

Cristian Gogosila

Software Developer BullGuard

BIOGRAPHY Cristian is a Software Developer at the BullGuard Antivirus Team. Since he was eager to learn new ..

Jayson E. Street

VP of InfoSec SphereNY

BIOGRAPHY Jayson is the author of the book “Dissecting the hack: The F0rb1dd3n Network” plus creator of ..

Gabriel Ciubotaru

Lead Security Researcher Garrett - Advancing Motion

BIOGRAPHY Gabriel, is an automotive lead security researcher for Garrett Motion. His interests are finding ..

Alexandru Razvan Caciulescu

Senior Software Engineer UiPath

BIOGRAPHY Since he was a student of the Faculty of Automatic Control and Computer Science at the Politehnica ..

Steve McGregory

Senior Director, Threat Intelligence Ixia, a Keysight Business

BIOGRAPHY Steve McGregory is the Senior Director of the Application and Threat Intelligence (ATI) Research ..

Koen Vanhees

Security Operations Manager Cegeka

BIOGRAPHY Koen Vanhees holds a master in electronics, but soon in his career his passion moved to Linux, ..

Inbar Raz

Security Architect Argus Cyber Security

BIOGRAPHY Inbar (@inbarraz) has been teaching and lecturing about Internet Security and Reverse Engineering ..

Andrei Bozeanu

Cybersecurity Researcher Dekeneas

BIOGRAPHY Andrei Bozeanu is a cybersecurity researcher working as private security consultant but also as a ..

Ioan Constantin

Cyber Security Expert Orange Romania

BIOGRAPHY Ioan Constantin got his BSc degree from “University of Craiova” with a thesis on cyber ..

Bianca Lewis

CEO Girls Who Hack

BIOGRAPHY BiaSciLab is a 12 year old hacker and maker. She was the youngest speaker at H.O.P.E. and has spoken..

Sebastian Avarvarei

Director for Security Advisory Services Wolters Kluwer

BIOGRAPHY Currently working as Director for Security Advisory Services Europe at Wolters Kluwer, Sebastian has..

Neil Roebert

Senior Information Security Consultant F-Secure Consulting

BIOGRAPHY I started at MWR InfoSecurity, now F-Secure Consulting, straight out of university at the end of ..

Raluca Stanciu

Senior Software Engineer BullGuard

BIOGRAPHY Raluca is a Senior Software Engineer in the BullGuard Antivirus Team. With an experience of over 10 ..

Milan Gabor

CEO Viris

BIOGRAPHY Milan Gabor is a ex-developer, founder and CEO of Viris, Slovenian company specialized in ..

Christina Kubecka

CEO HypaSec

BIOGRAPHY Chris Kubecka is an experienced, committed, energetic and recognized subject matter expert, author ..

Tiberiu Boros

Software Developer / Computer Scientist Adobe

BIOGRAPHY Tiberiu Boros is a Ph.D. in computer science, specifically in the field of Text-to-Speech (TTS) ..

Alex Matrosov

Offensive Security Research Lead NVIDIA

BIOGRAPHY Alex Matrosov is a leading offensive security research at NVIDIA. He has more than two decades of ..

Sergey Ovchinnikov

Expert Researcher JSC Advanced Monitoring

BIOGRAPHY Sergey Ovchinnikov has more six years of experience in information security. He has researches in ..

Ionel Chirita

Threat Intelligence Manager Signify

BIOGRAPHY Ionel is a Information Security Professional with over 10 years of experience in the security field ..

Alex “Jay” Balan

Chief Security Researcher Bitdefender

BIOGRAPHY Alex “Jay” Balan is the Chief Security Researcher and Spokesperson for Bitdefender. His ..

Mihai Petre

Lead Software Engineer Garrett - Advancing Motion

BIOGRAPHY Mihai is an automotive lead embedded hardware and software development engineer for Garrett Motion. ..

Lukas Štefanko

Malware Researcher ESET

BIOGRAPHY Lukas is an experienced Malware Researcher with a demonstrated history of working in the computer ..

Filip Stojkovski

Threat Intelligence Manager Adobe

BIOGRAPHY I’m currently leading the Threat Intelligence program within Adobe, having been within the ..

Yury Chemerkin

Security Expert JCS Advanced Monitoring

BIOGRAPHY Yury Chemerkin has ten years of experience in information security. He is multi-skilled security ..

Adrian Hada

Principal Security Researcher Ixia, a Keysight Business

BIOGRAPHY Adrian Hada works as Principal Security Researcher at Ixia, a Keysight Business. Adrian holds a MSc ..

Radu Emanuel Chiscariu

Senior Security Research Engineer Ixia, a Keysight Business

BIOGRAPHY Radu Emanuel Chiscariu is a Senior Security Researcher of Ixia’s Application and Threat ..

Gabriel Cirlig

Security Researcher WhiteOps

BIOGRAPHY Software developer turned rogue, went from developing apps for small businesses to 2M+ DAU Facebook ..

Andrei Masalovich

CEO Lavina Pulse

BIOGRAPHY Andrei is CEO at Lavina Pulse. He is the author of the Avalanche Internet intelligence technology ..

Raziel Einhorn

Technical Product Manager Argus Cyber Security

BIOGRAPHY Raziel (@raziel_e) has been working in the areas of Wireless Communication and Electronic Warfare ..

Jeff Man

InfoSec Curmudgeon Security Weekly

BIOGRAPHY Jeff Man is a respected Information Security expert, advisor, evangelist, and co-host on ..

Jelena Milosevic

nurse/infosecurity researcher/ speaker/ trainer

BIOGRAPHY Jelena Milosevic is a pediatrician and ICU nurse with a lot of experience, having worked at many ..


Senior Security Researcher 360 Security Technology

BIOGRAPHY Jun Li is senior security researcher at 360UnicornTeam of Security Research Institute in 360 ..

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