Become a

DefCamp has grown so much in the last years! Last year alone more than 2,000 industry specialists came together in Bucharest, where a great team of volunteers got the chance to listen to them, personally meet and even chat with them.

Because this year is nothing like we’ve experienced before and because we’re taking DefCamp online to ensure easier access to information, volunteer applications are open only for technical positions, content creation, design and/or social media.

However, if you have something special in mind, you can always drop us a line. We’re always thrilled to hear from members of the community – new, old, or whom we haven’t met yet!

What we’re looking for?

/ Communication and content creation volunteers 

/ Social media specialists

/ Designers 

/ Web developers & Security Specialists ( helping us to build D-CTF, HTM, WoS, HTB challenges)

/ Enthusiastic idea people & active doers (help us bring crazy & innovative activities)

Why should you get involved?

/ learn and have fun with a crazy team of doers who’ll stop at nothing to build the largest Cyber Security Community from CEE

/ learn how events and communities are built and managed

/ learn how to react in unexpected situations & difficult moments

/ make friends for life

/ get DefCamp swag

/ receive a diploma or/and practice certificate

/ make your ideas happen – we’re open to suggestions! 🙂

Here’s what happened last year at DefCamp conference.