INTERVIEW With Yehia Mamdouh – “Just like software, the human mind is not exactly secure by design, so, as we often see, its vulnerabilities are not left unexploited.”

Yehia Mamdouh knows a thing or two about penetration testing, social engineering, and physical assessments. Well, better said, he knows a lot. In his 8+ years of experience, he’s seen it all: the bad, the ugly and the unexpected. So needless to say that there’s so much we can learn from him! Just like software, […]Continue Reading

INTERVIEW With Sabin POTÎRCĂ – “usually, people associate security with their computers and phones. They don’t fully understand the valuable information that is available on simpler IoT devices”

As many topics in the infosec field, IoT security will get rehashed until people outside the industry start paying attention and do something about it. A little over a year passed since the Mirai botnet took down major websites through a DDoS attack of unprecedented scale. Now, another massive IoT botnet threatens to cause even […]Continue Reading

INTERVIEW With René Freingruber – “In general, common sense together with a little bit of paranoia is a good combination to stay safe on the internet. ”

One of the things we love about our speakers is their relentless passion for learning, applying and sharing their insights with others. Their hands-on, down-to-earth, action-driven approach inspires and motivates us every day. René Freingruber is just that kind of guy, which made this interview both a fun and learning experience. René’s focus is research […]Continue Reading

INTERVIEW with Alexandru Suditu – “I feel the only way to balance innovation, flexibility, and productivity with security would be to make cybersecurity part of the working philosophy.”

Like many of our speakers this year, Alexandru Suditu loves a challenge. He’s had plenty of them as well while designing and implementing secure IT&C infrastructures from the ground up for companies in the energy sector. His focus expands beyond his role as Infrastructure & Security Manager at ENEVO Group, as Alexandru likes to explore […]Continue Reading

INTERVIEW With Steve McGregory: “Look at the problem as building a process to add resiliency into the system, how fast can you react to a cybersecurity event.”

Steve has seen many changes in the infosec industry during his career of 30+ years. His knack and passion for educating people about cyber security has led him to speak to people of all backgrounds at tech events around the world. His latest mission consists of gathering actionable application and security intelligence that can better […]Continue Reading