8 Questions About Cybersecurity You’re Afraid to Ask

In a time when cyberattacks happen at an alarming rate and everyone is talking about privacy and security, the demand for infosec specialists is higher than ever. But the industry has a problematic shortage of cybersecurity talent with 53% of organizations reporting a lack of cybersecurity skills between 2018 and 2019, a study has revealed.Continue Reading

The impact of cybersecurity over the last 5 years

There’s no year that goes by without hearing about a major cyberattack that wreaks havoc on society. Turning point events in cybersecurity have changed the way we approach online security today. It’s important for us to take a step back and look at the past security events, so we can see the bigger picture and better […]Continue Reading

It’s ON! Get your ticket for #DefCamp2019

#DefCamp2019 is just around the corner so it’s time to start planning for it! We’ll keep this short and sweet, just like us infosec folks like it. First of all: registration is now OPEN! This means you can get your early bird ticket right now! DefCamp, here I come! Now let’s get you set up […]Continue Reading

How CTFs make you a better infosec specialist

Hi there! Can you believe it’s already summer? That means we’re a few short months away from some of the most exciting hacking competitions in Europe (and the world!). Just a few weeks ago, DefCamp founder Andrei Avadanei, along with a couple of other infosec pros, selected the Romanian team for this year’s ECSC (European Cyber […]Continue Reading

What it’s like to work in cybersecurity (part II)

When we started this series, our initial goal was to help women in cybersecurity get a feel of the opportunities, challenges, and rewards of this field. We had plenty of help from: Laura Tamas – Technical Project Manager at TypingDNA Valentina Galea – Ethical Hacker at Bit Sentinel Jelena Milosevic – Nurse / Speaker / […]Continue Reading

10 things we learned until our 10th DefCamp anniversary

What’s the longest activity or project you’ve been doing consistently over the last decade? How does it make you feel when you look back on your experience and the stories tied to it? DefCamp is this experience for us. It has challenged us, changed us, and rewarded us in so many unexpected and wonderful ways […]Continue Reading

Live blogging: what’s going on at Ladies in Cybersecurity

We’ve been waiting for this day and it’s finally happening! We’re ready to get our dose of inspiration from 10 amazing ladies from cybersecurity who take the stage today. The talks are very diverse and packed with hands-on knowledge from their infosec careers. They will share valuable and insightful personal lessons or present useful case […]Continue Reading

What it’s like to work in cybersecurity (part I)

Eight years ago, when we started building the DefCamp community, one of the things we really cared about was to help people share their personal experiences. No matter their role, backgrounds, or levels of expertise, we focused on creating a context where people felt comfortable discussing the good and the bad in their professional and even […]Continue Reading