BloxOne Threat Defense from Infoblox

Improve security effectiveness and resiliency and elevate SecOps efficiency!
BloxOne Threat Defense infoblox defcamp 2022

BloxOne Threat Defense operates at the DNS level to see threats that other solutions do not and stops attacks earlier in the threat lifecycle. Through pervasive automation and ecosystem integration, it drives efficiencies in SecOps, uplifts the effectiveness of the existing security stack, secures digital and work-from-anywhere efforts and lowers the total cost for cybersecurity.

Key benefits:

Stop attacks others miss

Improve visibility and control of even highly evasive threat activity across the threat lifecycle.

Defend your work-from-anywhere organization

Extend resilient and accurate enterprise security to users and devices regardless of location.

Make your entire security stack more effective

Enable third-party security tools to work in unison to better identify and remediate threats through extensive automation.

Slash investigation and response times

Cut threat investigation time and support more effective incident response with fast access to valuable context.

Protect your brand and your organization from escalating cyberthreats that can adversely affect your business. BloxOne Threat Defense uniquely combines advanced analytics based on machine learning, highly accurate and aggregated threat intelligence and automation to detect and prevent a broad range of threats, including DGA families, data exfiltration, look-alike domain use, fast flux and many others.

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