DevOps Ninja

Are you ready to prove your DevOps prowess and become the ultimate DevOps Ninja? Welcome to the DevOps Ninja Challenge, where you’ll face off against fellow DevOps enthusiasts in a battle of skills, wits, and creativity. This contest will push your knowledge of various programming languages and DevOps tools or technologies to the limit, all while having a blast.

The DevOps Ninja Challenge is a thrilling competition designed to test your proficiency in DevOps by combining coding tasks with DevOps tool mastery. Participants will tackle a series of exercises encompassing different programming languages and DevOps tools, showcasing their ability to automate, orchestrate, and optimize software development and deployment pipelines.

Types of tasks

  • Programming Languages: Get ready to dive into the world of coding with exercises in languages such as Golang, Python, PHP, C, C++, Rust, Java, JavaScript, PowerShell, Obfuscari, and even Assembly. 

  • DevOps Tools and Technologies: Master the art of DevOps with challenges involving tools like Ansible, Kubernetes (K8s), Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipelines, and Samd.


The competition is graded as a Beginner friendly activity for application developers, devops and devsecops.  

Goal of the Competition

/ Each programming language and DevOps tool or technology will have two exercises: one that’s relatively easier and another that’s more challenging.

/ These exercises will test your security code review skills in different aspects of DevOps, from basic automation tasks to intricate orchestrations and optimizations and programming languages.

You’ll encounter a variety of question formats, including:

  1. Multiple Choice with Answers: Some questions will present multiple choice answers, allowing you to select the correct solution.

  2. Open-Ended Questions: For a true test of your skills, certain questions will require you to provide an open-ended answer. These responses will be moderated live during the contest to ensure fairness and accuracy.

Rules of Engagement
/ This activity is oriented towards developers & DevOps specialists
/ The contest is open for everyone but mostly geared towards beginners.
/ This competition is only for individuals
/ DDOS-ing the platform is strictly forbidden.
/ Prizes will be selected via a raffle and only participants who solved correctly everything are eligible


  • 2 x Burp Suite Professional license for 1 year
  • other swags from DefCamp


  1. You need to have an account on CyberEDU. Register here or login here.
  2. Authenticate in your account and click on this link (this is required only the first time). This will give you access to a private space called “DefCamp”. See the picture below.
  3. Go to section Compete as instructed. You should see all the active contests.
  4. Click on any contest of interest and make the Pre-Registration. 
  5. Have fun!