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New generation malware and attacks have been  targeting ICS and systems causing huge monetary and human life losses.    Penetration testing on ICS systems is a very niche field which requires in-depth knowledge and has a huge dependency in terms of the Hardware availability.

This contest/Context will concentrate on methodologies to conduct penetration testing of commercial Hardware devices such as PLCs as well as simulators.

The contest will provide an excellent opportunity for attendees to have hands-on experience on Penetration Testing of these devices and systems.

The ICS setup will simulate the ICS infrastructure with real time PLCs and SCADA applications. It will also cover basic briefing of ICS components, jargons, architecture, various protocols used and need for security.

The ICS Contest/context is targeted toward pen-testers, hackers, students and enthusiasts who really want to study and want to have experience on Scada (ICS) Hacking.

Goal of the Competition

/ Contest CTF: There will be certain challenges for the attendees and some GOODIES to give away for the winners.

Rules of Engagement

/ Laptop with at least two USB ports (three ports preferred). If only two USB ports exist on the laptop and they are right next to each other (such as found on a Macbook Air), a USB extension cable must be brought as well

/ Latest VMware Player, VMware Workstation, VWware Fusion installed. Other virtualization software such as Parallels or

/ VirtualBox may work if the attendee is familiar with its functionality, however VMware

/ Player should be prepared as a backup just in case

/ Access to an account with administrative permissions and the ability to disable all security software on their laptop such as

/ Antivirus and/or firewalls if needed for the class

/ At least thirty (30) GB of free hard drive space

/ At least four (4) GB of RAM, preferably eight (8) GB of RAM


/ Points will be awarded based on the number of attacks blocked, with a multiplier based on difficulty.

/ Points will be subtracted based on the number of FalsePositives blocked, using the same multiplier.

/ In the event of a tie—at the discretion of the judges—additional points may be awarded based on style. Or they will be randomly selected.


/ Lan Turtle

/ Geekcreit® UNO R3 Basic Starter Learning Kit No Battery Version For Arduino

/ 1x Ubertooth One 2.4 GHz Duck Antenna – Black


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