This a Capture the Flag event.

Goal of the Competition

/ Capture all the flags

Rules of Engagement

/ Do not attempt to bypass platform’s mechanisms (better report bugs to us rather than get DQ for doing it)

/ This kind of Capture The Flag is a bit different as it approaches a new way of looking at OSINT based scenarios, but you should be able to find the required tools with a simple Google search.

/ If any of the provided files are not working, please inform us ASAP (some of them are not supposed to be available until a certain datetime)

/ If you submit a flag but it’s not working please review your write-up and make sure you got a flag, and not a weird string that just looks like a flag (people tend to do that often)

/ If you can’t submit a flag, please note it alongside your write-up on how did you extract it, and visit us at our booth in order to see if it’s a bug or not


  • Xbox One X