Traffic Escape

This is a Bug Bounty contest where all valid vulnerabilities/bugs will bring points. 

The contest will begin Thursday at 10:00 EET and will end Friday at 14:00 EET
Goal of the Competition

/ Ideally, we would like any successful exploitation to be performed with an Agent containing the word “Aglomerație” 

Example of valid encounters:

  • Brute Force
  • Command Injection
  • XSS
  • SQLi
  • File Inclusion
  • IDOR
  • More to be defined

If there are hackers who find the same vulnerability, the one which submits it first will be rewarded.

There will be a scoring mechanism based on the severity/impact of the vulnerability/bug.

No special equipment is needed. No pre-requisites. The difficulty is not relative because it’s a real Bug Bounty contest. There is no private data exposed at any point (to our knowledge)

Rules of Engagement

/ All participants which can be related DoS/DDoS attacks will be immediately disqualified. 

/ All sensitive data should be kept private and reported to organizers at

/ If a vulnerability gets identified and is fixed during the contest, any bypass will be remunerated with the same number of points as original vulnerability.

/ Each team can have between 1-4 members. Prize can be split up to 4 parts (e.g. 1st place can be split in 4 vouchers of 75 euro)

/ We encourage to group with others instead of going solo.

/ Be sure to follow for updates


  • 300 euro EMAG voucher
  • 200 euro EMAG voucher
  • 100 euro EMAG voucher



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