Unlock the SAFE

You have to unlock a SAFE. You know that the lock is radio controlled and uses encryption for payload. Reverse, listen, learn, disable.

Rules of engagement

/ You need your own hardware for RF sniffing.

/ No participant will be allowed to touch the devices at any given time. The only allowed way for the participants/teams to attack the devices is from the radio side only.

/ If any of the participants/team needs to take a closer look or needs a reset device, please announce the on-site team.

/ Jamming is forbidden.

/ Use defcamp.certsign.ro to get full information about the challenge and submit the FLAG

/ In case of a dispute, the on-site team will have the final decision after hearing all the parties involved

/ The prize will not be validated until a complete and detailed write-up is submitted to the team leader by email

/ Only one prize per participant/team


​/ First blood get the first prize

/ A secondary device with similar parameters will be available for second prize. This will only become active after confirmation of the successful solving the first device.


1. Laptop Lenovo V330-15IKB, Intel® Core™ i7-8550U Processor, 8G RAM, 512G M.2
2. Storage – QNAP TS-231P2-1G (no drives)


/ Valentin Necoara

/ Iulian Anton