🙌 These D-CTF teams made it to the final!

They gave it their best and made to the DefCamp Capture the Flag top 20

On September 7, 2019, 500 teams from 73 countries put their offensive and defensive skills to the test and solved the D-CTF challenges, one by one. As they can tell you themselves, we didn’t make it easy for them. 😅

We’ve been organising one of the biggest and most rebellious security CTF competitions in the Central Eastern Europe for almost a decade and we love the energy contestants bring to D-CTF!

These are the top 15+1 teams who are coming to Bucharest for the final in just a few weeks!

The finalists

  1. WreckTheLine
  2. penthackon
  3. $wag
  4. 0x90r00t
  5. bootplug
  6. KirikouCrew
  7. S4DSRV
  8. p4
  9. saarsec
  10. pwnthanasia
  11. SUSlo.PAS
  12. NOAR
  13. YoloSw4g-Wavestone
  14. Invuls
  15. HackingForSoju
  16. HTsP

D-CTF Finals @ DefCamp 2019 

Pack your snacks, energy drinks, and one of those airplane neck pillows, because it’s going to be a long 24 hours!

The D-CTF finals is a hacking marathon designed to bring the best in you!

Not only that, but the finalists get to do it in the middle of DefCamp for the 10-year anniversary of the conference! 

Expect the vibe to be packed with energy, especially given the amazing speaker line-up we’ve put together this year.

Here’s a quick glimpse of last year’s atmosphere: 

If you like what you see, join us at DefCamp and add an exciting and helpful experience to your hacker life! 

DefCamp Capture The Flag 2019 is sponsored by Orange Romania and Bit Sentinel.

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