DefCamp Capture The Flag ( D-CTF) is the most shattering and rebellious security CTF competition in the Central Eastern Europe. Here, the most skilled hackers & IT geeks put their knowledge to the test and get into the best of the best top 10, to later win the D-CTF event or, die trying. There is one important rule though – hack before get hacked! 🙂
DefCamp Capture the Flag 2014 Final Awards

How it works?

  • D-CTF 2015 has an online qualifications phase on October 2nd and it will last 36 hours
  • the best 10 teams from qualification round get into the final that will take place at DefCamp 2015
  • the challenges are exotic and contain real life scenarios about the latest threats from different fields such as: cyber war, cryptography, stenography, web security, network security, data forensics and many more.

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The prizes

dc2013 ctf

  • 2.000 – 5.000 EUR cash prizes for winners, depending of the willing of our partners
  • gadgets & hardware from our sponsors
  • automatic qualifications to other international CTF competitions
  • trophy & more surprises

D-CTF 2014 in numbers

D-CTF 2014 in numbers

D-CTF 2014 Finalists & Official Banner

DCTF 2014

What is CTF?

Capture the Flag (CTF) is a computer security competition. CTF contests are usually designed to serve as an educational exercise to give participants experience in securing a machine, as well as conducting and reacting to the sort of attacks found in the real world. Reverse-engineering, network sniffing, protocol analysis, system administration, programming, and cryptanalysis are all skills which have been required by prior CTF contests at DEF CON. There are two main styles of capture the flag competitions: attack/defense and jeopardy.

In an attack/defense style competition, each team is given a machine (or small network) to defend on an isolated network. Teams are scored on both their success in defending their assigned machine and on their success in attacking other team’s machines. Depending on the nature of the particular CTF game, teams may either be attempting to take an opponent’s flag from their machine or teams may be attempting to plant their own flag on their opponent’s machine. One of the more prominent attack/defense CTFs is held every year at the hacker conference such as DefCamp where this activity is expected every year.

Sponsors & Partners

They help us make this conference possible.

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