Overview & Description

Dave, a game developer who felt especially lazy one day, left a backdoor on the main title server so he can do some remote work. Can you help us out with locating it? Furthermore, we’ve heard that he keeps some game keys for EA titles… And you know what they say, right? Finders, keepers

How to Register


  • Final flag – 1xEA game for the first ten entries
  • Intermediary flag – EA SWAG

Rules of Engagement

  1. Do not attack the infrastructure. If you find a problem, please report to us.
  2. Don’t ask for hints in private. We will only give hints that are available to all the teams.
  3. For the final flag you are required to create a write-up.
  4. Teams can have only one member.
  5. You must be on-site to redeem your prize.
  • Mihai Belu, EA
  • Andreea Druga, EA
  • Cosmin Ilie, EA

Sponsors & Partners

They help us make this conference possible.

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