Senior CyberSecurity Consultant (DC-0027)

Level: Senior – Over 3 years of experience


    Design, develop and implement security solutions;

    Responsible for system security planning, developing, and implementing security policies across multiple platforms;

    Use internal and established well-known security standards and processes in the development of new security solutions;

    Participate in technical analysis and deliver the functional and security specification documents;

    Participate/Coordinate site surveys, and execute PoC (Proof of Concept) in the customer premises;

    Supports security devices such as local firewalls, application firewalls, proxies, IDS-s, sensors, etc.

    Provides technical support and consultancy for enhancement of and change to network security configurations;

    Develops security awareness by providing orientation, educational programs, and on-going communication;

    Perform Security Audit and Risk Management;

    Easily recognize system deficiencies and propose effective solutions.


      University degree in a Computer Science, Telecommunications University or related;

      Minimum 3 years in IT security related environment;

      Broad knowledge of IT Security and general systems infrastructure experience, including Next Generation Firewall, DLP, SIEM, WAF and IPS solutions;

      High knowledge of infrastructure and communication devices and software;

      High level knowledge of operating systems: Linux or Unix, MS Windows Servers (user administration, security settings, etc.);

      >  Working knowledge of well-known security standards and procedures;

      Good understanding in a programming language and RDBMS;

      English language (fluent in both writing and speaking).


      Strong analytical skills;

      Initiative, responsibility, patience;

      Creativity, good strategic planning, and integration skills;

      Team player, fast learner;

      Openness to change and proactive;

      Problem-solving abilities;

      Very good communication skills, customer focus, able to perform under stress;

      Ability to maintain confidentiality.

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