Offensive Security Orchestration Platform from Trickest

Trickest enables large enterprises' internal Red and Purple Teams, MSSPs, SecOps teams, bug bounty hunters, and pen-testers to build, manage, orchestrate, and run custom offensive security automation workflows.

With Trickest, Offensive Security engineers can build, manage, orchestrate, and run custom Vulnerability Scanners, Threat Intelligence, Attack Surface Detection, and Secret/Content Discovery on a robust framework for continuous automated Adversarial Testing. 

Key Features:

Visual Offensive Security Orchestration Framework

Trickest’s intuitive Visual Workflow Builder replaces traditional terminal-based workflows with a low-code environment. Offensive Security engineers can create custom methodologies and integrations with a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface, eliminating the need for lengthy scripting. Plus, you can easily integrate custom Bash or Python scripts in workflows.

OS Tools Library

Access a vast library of 300 open-source offensive security tools to customize workflows or build them from scratch. Trickest also features 90+ ready-made workflow templates for Attack Surface Management, Content and Secret Discovery, Threat Hunting, and Vulnerability Detection. These editable templates are designed to immediately automate your offensive security operations, offering a fast, reliable, and easy way to address security challenges.

HyperScalable Execution Engine and Managed Cloud Infrastructure

Trickest offers a managed hyper-scalable infrastructure, eliminating the boring tasks of manual setup, configuration, and scripting. Cover digital landscapes of any size without worrying about infrastructure. Use Trickest’s Offensive Security Execution Engine for immediate runs or schedule them for a continuous flow of updated results.

Offensive Security Collaboration

Operate solo or bring your team and colleagues on board with a single invitation click. Trickest facilitates collaborative efforts, allowing for the sharing of workflows and results. This fosters a conducive environment for collective problem-solving and knowledge exchange.

Custom Solution Engineering

For specific needs, Trickest offers a Solution Engineering service to create personalized scanners tailored to your unique requirements. This service blends Trickest’s rich platform capabilities with dedicated engineering expertise.

Benefits for:

Enterprise Security Red Teams

  • Risk Mitigation: Identify and address vulnerabilities, forgotten servers, out-of-date applications, unpatched systems, and threats proactively, reducing breach risks and saving costs.
  • Automation Efficiency: With a talent shortage in cybersecurity, Trickest bridges the gap by offering all-in-one automation to maximize security efforts with fewer resources. Get engineers to utilize and automate creativity – methodologies, scripts, tools, scans, results, integrations, all-in-one place.
  • Operational Hyperscalability: Scale across vast digital landscapes without needing a large workforce.
  • Whitebox: See every step of your workflow. Edit it. We take care of tooling, integrations, infrastructure, execution, and storage so users can focus on results.

MSSPs, Security Consultants, and Pentesting Providers

  • Value-Added Services: Enhance your service portfolio with advanced offensive security services.
  • Economic Efficiency: Optimize operational efficiency and service quality, encouraging a sustainable business model. Equip engineers with automation.
  • Customizable Solutions: Tailor security solutions to meet the unique requirements of different clients.

Bug Bounty Hunters & Ethical Hackers

  • Methodology Scalability: Scale your unique methodologies and creativity across a broader target range.
  • Enhanced Bounty Opportunities: Focus on more complex vulnerabilities, increasing the chances of earning higher-value bounties.

How Customers Use Trickest Offensive Security Automation:

Continuous Attack Surface Management

Uncover your attack surface, configure, schedule, and scale your reconnaissance operations. Discover hostnames, enumerate web servers, scan for open ports, and detect vulnerabilities.

Vulnerability Detection Automation

Engage in continuous scanning to discover bugs, outdated software, weak credentials, and misconfigurations. Specific scans like checking for CVE-2023-3519 are also supported.

Threat Intelligence As A Service

Proactively detect exposed credentials, API secrets, tokens, passwords, and keys to mitigate potential security risks.

OSINT Automation Framework

Use pre-built workflows for total data gathering about your targets from publicly accessible data sources. Or build and deploy your own scalable OSINT framework tailored to your specific investigative needs.

Content and Secret Discovery Automated Workflows

Go beyond the surface of your assets with Trickest’s proficient Secret and Content Discovery workflows and tools. These capabilities help discover the underlying content of your systems and potential attack vectors, ensuring that leaked credentials and access tokens remain hidden from your security.


Trickest is an exclusive offensive security orchestration and automation platform that handles the complex challenges of enterprise cybersecurity. Offensive security is orchestrated with precision, scalability, and user-centricity. With Trickest, you’re not just responding to threats, you’re staying ahead of them, proactively, ensuring your assets remain secure, compliant, and resilient in the face of adversarial attempts.

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