Alex “Jay” Balan

Head of Product Management at BullGuard

Jay is the Head of Product Management at BullGuard.
He has been active in the security space since the “golden age of the wild wild Internet” when wu-ftpd was a sure way to get back into your (or someone else’s) server if you forgot the root password and ./scan {A class} scripts weren’t born yet to make hackers out of every teenager.
He is almost religious about privacy, anonymity and stealth and keeps preaching to anyone who would listen that it’s better to miss a target once and come back another day than get detected and spook your pray away.

Presentation: Owning the girl next door

Owning the girl next door (one way or another) has always been a beloved topic both for internet power users and regular people with hot girls next door.
In this talk we’ll see how social engineering and on-the-wire magic can discretely provide a more in-depth view of the girl next door’s private life.

Presentation @DefCamp 2014