Andrei Costin

Andrei is a Computer Science graduate of the Politechnic University of Bucharest where he did his thesis work in Biometrics and Image Processing. While starting out his IT-career in the Computer Games industry, he has worked in the Telecom field and also was a senior developer at a specialized firm programming various GSM/UMTS/GPS sub-systems. Andrei entered security scene by authoring the RFID MiFare Classic Universal toolKit (MFCUK), the first publically available (FOSS) card-only key cracking tool for the MiFare Classic RFID card family. He is also a contributor to Proxmark3 repository. Andrei is also known as the “mister-printer guy” for his “Hacking MFPs” and “Hacking PostScript” series of hacks & talks at various international conferences. Andrei’s latest research was about practical hacking of air-traffic, specifically ADS-B protocol for which he contributed with “Ghost is in the Air(Traffic)”. He is passionate about security in a holistic fashion. Currently he is a PhD candidate with EURECOM in field of “Security of embedded devices”. As part of his commitment to security community, Andrei have been a speaker at some security conferences such as: BlackHat US, CCC Berlin, HITB Amsterdam, EuSecWest, SyScan, PowerOfCommunity, HashDays, ZeroNights, PHDays,, SEC-T, HackCon,