Andrei Masalovich

CEO @Lavina Pulse

Andrei is CEO at Lavina Pulse. He is the author of the Avalanche Internet intelligence technology and has been moderator of many workshops on Internet searching and large data analysis. Candidate of Physics and Mathematics, Distinguished Scholar awarded by the Russian Academy of Sciences, Andrei served as a Lieutenant Colonel at the Russian Federal Agency for Government Communications and Information.

Live smart, live longer. On modern intelligent cyberweapons

Mutual interaction between telecommunications and Artificial Intelligence led to the development of smart homes and cities, and to the emergence of the new generation of technically advanced and human-independent cyberweapons. The army of smart robots will lead the new war, since they will be capable of organizing, coordinating, and target assigning.

Andrei Masalovich will present artificial intelligence solutions used in modern cyberweapons: generative adversarial networks, deep reinforcement learning, and digital twins.