Bianca Lewis

CEO Girls Who Hack


BiaSciLab is a 12 year old hacker and maker. She was the youngest speaker at H.O.P.E. and has spoken at DEFCON in the Voting Village, Bio Hacking Village and the r00tz Asylum kids con.

She received national attention when she hacked the voting reporting system at DEFCON 26, this work was recently highlighted at the U.S. Congressional Hearing on Election Security. She has built a CTF for the DEFCON Blue Team Village that remains unsolved and CTF flags for numerous CTFs including the Global Cyber Olympics. BiaSciLab is also the Founder and CEO of Girls Who Hack, an organization focused on teaching girls the skills of hacking so that they can change the future.

She enjoys inventing things, giving talks and teaching classes on making, programming and hacking.

The U.S. Election System, Can we fix it? YES WE CAN!

As the previous DEFCON Voting Villages have proved, the United States voting equipment and infrastructure are very vulnerable to multiple types of attacks. This talk will outline the basics of the U.S. Election system, its vulnerabilities then focus on fixes that vendors and governments can put into action right now. Starting with the machines themselves, then moving through parts of the entire system, BiaSciLab will offer suggestions on how simple practices and changes in thinking and hiring can improve the security of the entire system.

Last year at r00tz BiaSciLab was one of the first to hack the mock election reporting system set up by the Voting Village. Some have pointed out that this was a purposely flawed system designed for the the kids to break. However, as outlined in the Mueller report, Russian hackers used the same SQL injection technique to break into an election reporting system. If the U.S. election systems are so secure, how was this able to happen?

Lack of secure coding practices and both peer and outside review. If proper coding review and application testing had happened, this SQL injection vulnerability would have been found and fixed. Breaking down these flaws and offering real solutions for each one, BiaSciLab will bring hope in the face of this daunting and complex security problem.

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