Razvan Todor

Senior Product Manager at Bitdefender

Razvan works in product management but he has a strong background in agile methodologies and roots in UI experience and design. 10+ years experience in managing large, cross functional, distributed teams.

Bridging the gap between CyberSecurity R&D and UX

It’s almost a paradox, from a marketeer’s standpoint, how a product with no GUI and everything available just from the command line has a higher adoption rate than a product with similar functionality and a ton of money invested into UX. It’s also a paradox, this time from a core R&D point of view, how a product with seemingly light functionality but great UX sells undeniably better than a much more technically valuable product. When building security products, we’re facing a constant struggle of balancing UX with functionality. And, in the end, it all boils down to whether your users love or fear such terms as “Telnet”, “Protocol”, or “Wireshark”.

If you want to understand how security products are designed, why some of those uninspired messages make it into product interfaces or you’re simply curious of how these things work, then here’s your product manager’s guide through a cybersecurity company.

Presentation @DefCamp 2018