Stefan Zarinschi

Penetration Tester Specialist Siemens


Stefan Zarinschi has 10+ years experience on information security and penetration testing and now he is holding a position as a penetration tester specialist @ Siemens. His work focuses on network security assessments, internal and external penetration testing and vulnerability assessment. He also got many certifications like CISSP, CISM, CISA and SSCP.

The Charter of Trust

The digital world is changing everything. Billions of devices are connected by the Internet of Things. That holds great potential for everyone, but also great risk. The risk of exposure to cyber-attacks. The risk of losing control over the systems that run our infrastructures. Cybersecurity is and has to be more than a seat belt or an airbag for our data; it’s a factor that’s crucial to the success of the digital economy. People and organizations need to trust that their digital technologies are safe and secure; otherwise they won’t embrace the digital transformation. That’s why we are developing a Charter of Trust bearing the principles that are fundamental to a secure digital world.

The Charter of Trust will focus on:

three goals

• Protecting the data of individuals and companies

• Preventing harm to people, companies and infrastructures

• Establishing a reliable foundation on which confidence in a networked digital world can take root and grow

10 principles

• Ownership of cyber and IT security

• Responsibility throughout the digital supply chain

• Security by default

• User-centricity

• Innovation and co-creation

• Education

• Certification for critical infrastructure and solutions

• Transparency and response

• Regulatory framework

• Joint initiatives

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