Yehia Mamdouh ElGhaly

Penetration Tester at DTS-Solution

Yehia Mamdouh has over 8 years on Penetration testing and security researcher and currently he is holding a position as Penetration Testing Specialist & Security Researcher at DTS-Solution.

He has experience doing (Web – Mobile APP – Infrastructure – SCADA system) VAPT (Physical Security Assessment – Social Engineer Assessment) on different sectors like: Oil and gas, constructions, government, transportation, Education and Energy.

He is Cofounder & Instructor of Master Metasploit Course at BlueKizen. He is Author of Many tools like WeBzY and XSSYA, He wrote numerous articles for Hakin9 Magazine, SecurityKaizen Magazine – Also was a Keynote speaker at Middle East information security summit – and Keynote speaker Qubit conference & BugHunter in his free time.

SE–ُ Exploit by improvisación

The most vulnerable chain in information security is humans. Social engineering very serious threat and is an effective means to attack information systems. Hacker’s use that relies heavily on human interaction and often involves tricking people into breaking normal security procedures. In this talk you will see how to analyses and exploit human behavior in advanced ways, with real life examples taken from real social engineer scenarios that has be conducted by me. How far can Micro Expression be effective in our assessment? How you can conduct successful Social Engineer assessment by improvisation?! How to Plan a Social Engineering Assessment? and what steps the companies should follow to prevent social engineer attacks?

Presentation @DefCamp 2016