Taegis™ XDR & VDR from Secureworks

Cloud-based Taegis™ XDR: prevent, detect and respond to advanced threats with automation, machine learning-driven analytics and comprehensive threat intelligence while Taegis VDR automates vulnerability management by intelligently prioritizing remediation efforts based on actionable recommendations that reflect the context of your environment.
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Detect threats faster and more accurately

Leverage Taegis NGAV to automatically stop threats coming from the endpoint. Rely on Taegis XDR advanced analytics engines continuously updated with threat indicators, countermeasures, and purpose-built analytics from Secureworks Counter Threat Unit™ to detect sophisticated attacks anywhere in your environment. Spend less time dealing with false positives and get to real threats sooner with validated and prioritized alerts.

Modernize security operations

Get a holistic view of your security infrastructure and perform all investigations within Taegis XDR, without having to manually stitch data or bounce between tools. Reduce MTTR (Mean Time to Respond) down to minutes with response-action recommendations and automated playbooks informed by Secureworks’ 1,400 customer incident-response engagements per year.

Unify threat prevention, detection and response

Combine award-winning detection and response capabilities of Taegis XDR with next-generation endpoint prevention of Taegis NGAV for an intuitive, comprehensive prevention, detection, and response solution.

    Explore Add-Ons to Taegis™ XDR:

    For organizations seeking an effective solution to the risk posed by vulnerabilities, Secureworks Taegis VDR provides a SaaS-based managed service based on automation, artificial intelligence and machine learning. VDR automates previously manual vulnerability management tasks, and the machine learning-based system improves autonomously with use. 

    Unlike traditional vulnerability management solutions, VDR provides contextual prioritization based on the unique attributes of your environment. VDR is the evolution of traditional vulnerability management solutions, following a risk-based approach that prioritizes remediation based on the specific context of your environment. The automation of manual tasks removes the burden of initial configuration and constant maintenance many traditional solutions require, resulting in more time for your staff to focus on other business critical objectives.

    Prioritization Based on Context

    Focus Remediation

    Reduce vulnerability remediation efforts with contextual vulnerability prioritization. Close gaps in your environment by understanding the risk posed by vulnerabilities in your environment and data-driven remediation planning.

    Consolidate Vulnerability Management

    Automatically discover and identify assets and web applications. Perform vulnerability detection and leverage contextual prioritization across your entire environment, including threat intelligence from Secureworks Counter Threat Unit TM.

    Save Time with Automation

    VDR automatically analyzes an ever-expanding list of vulnerabilities and the risk they pose. AI-powered prioritization and remediation tracking is always on, rapidly increasing the time it takes to reduce risk.

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