An open letter to the DefCamp community

Back in 2011, when DefCamp started, we didn’t even imagine that we would take the small meetup among friends to what the event became on its 10th anniversary.

  • 2000 attendees
  • 3 stages
  • 60 speakers
  • 15 hacking competitions
  • 20 booths in the networking area

We appreciate and value the past

From the very beginning we’ve been surrounded by people who believed in our vision and who supported us in bringing it to life. That’s how it first started!

We had a core team ready to give their best and to embrace the unknown to reach our mission as it’s been from day one: to share our passion for cybersecurity. We take this opportunity to thank everyone who’s helped us over the years, people and companies that put their trust in us and are still our supporters after a decade, encouraging us to push things further.

Every year, we overcome fears and hard times with a sole purpose in mind: to become a strong community, to learn from each other and to reach a level of knowledge and maturity that puts us on the global infosec map.

Cybersecurity is often compared with the medical system as it has similar purpose: to keep businesses safe from cyber attacks, similar to how the medical system tries to prevent people from getting sick. But when it comes to helping people build proactive safety controls into their habits, the challenge is bigger than it may seem. What’s more, the medical world relies on cybersecurity specialists – now more than ever – to keep their institutions, research, and staff safe so they can continue to save lives and find long-term solutions to urgent global issues.

We embrace the future – however it shapes up

We see 2020 as an intense learning experience. And so, we worked a lot to find the best solutions for you, our community members. That’s why we decided to make DefCamp #11 different and hopefully more in tune with what you need.

So we decided to go fully online with a slightly different approach. Here’s what that looks like.

DefCamp #11 – we’re still learning together

We want to offer you firsthand information from infosec rockstars, so you can fuel your own growth. This is why we’ve decided to interview 11 of the best leaders in information security.

You’ll get to see how things have changed through their eyes and understand how infosec leaders adapted. What’s more, you can tap into their observations and enrich your understanding with the patterns they noticed while uncovering fresh information relevant to your role and development.

A new home for the DefCamp Hacking Village

Yes, we will continue to organize hacking competitions to keep our community in shape with exciting challenges!
This year we’re hosting DefCamp Capture the Flag – our most shattering CTF – online, on

Our goal is to bring together the brightest minds from all over the world in a hacking competition meant to test their skills and bring the best of them to the leaderboard. Prizes and community recognition will be at stake! And we take this opportunity to thank our partners Orange, Bit Sentinel and Cegeka for supporting us host once again DCTF this year.

YOU and us – we keep going strong together

DefCamp managed to reach this level of maturity thanks to each and every one of you!

We got together every fall for 2 days to network and debate hot cybersecurity topics. This year, we can’t do that but we still want to make YOU feel the power of the community you’re part of.

So we invite you to give back and share the technical challenges you faced over the last few months. Tell us about the trends and patterns you noticed and we will publish your ideas on the DefCamp blog and then share everything on all our social media channels.

We adjust and grow with every opportunity

We all know that 2020 did more than make social distancing a must. That’s why we’re doing our part to put the pieces together and keep the infosec community united and strong, ready to face whatever challenges may arise and prepared to support people and organizations to secure their accelerated digitization.  


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