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There is no mystery that everything nowadays has a digital component. A growing number of companies are gravitating towards digital and cloud storage solutions, recognizing the unparalleled convenience of accessing documents from any corner of the world. The appeal lies in the elimination of boundaries, fostering more efficient business transactions.

We are proud to have with us this year at DefCamp the team from OPSWAT. Their colleague, Alin Ghitulan, Senior Engineering Manager, shared with us a couple of insights on what cloud storage solutions are and, more importantly, how to be aware of the threats and risks when choosing such a solution. And a lot more!

The transition to cloud storage solutions is a crucial step for many organizations aiming for modernization and better data accessibility. However, it also introduces a myriad of security challenges. Can you elucidate the typical threats associated with cloud storage? 

Shifting to cloud storage brings notable security concerns, including potential data breaches and the complexities of access management which could lead to unauthorized data exposure. The threat of data loss through accidents or disasters, and the risks posed by shared infrastructure vulnerabilities, are also significant. Furthermore, without robust encryption, data is vulnerable to interception. Compliance with regulations is critical to avoid penalties and safeguard data. To mitigate these issues, organizations need stringent security protocols and must choose cloud providers with strong security reputations. 

Going further, what are some basic / fundamental security measures that enterprises should consider and could implement by themselves in this regard?

To strengthen enterprise security, consider regular cloud storage scans, a robust Data Loss Prevention (DLP) system, security audits, reliable data backups, strict access controls, and a reputable cloud security provider.

Is there an extra layer of security that can be added? What can OPSWAT advise and how can OPSWAT help in this regard?

OPSWAT offers advanced security solutions, including multi-engine antimalware detection, data loss prevention, and our “trust no file” approach called Deep Content Disarm and Reconstruction. We provide actionable reports and seamless integrations with major cloud storage providers, all managed from a centralized dashboard. These additional security layers enhance protection against threats.

Could you share some examples of cloud incidents you’ve encountered in your activity?

While I cannot delve into specific details, it is important to highlight that a widely recognized report emphasizes a significant trend. Over the past year, a significant 80% of organizations have encountered security incidents related to their cloud services, with no cloud provider escaping unscathed. These incidents predominantly stem from misconfigured permissions, leading to inadvertent data exposure. The absence of adequate diagnostic tools compounds the challenge of identifying such vulnerabilities. Hence, the imperative lies in the adoption of robust encryption protocols for data at rest as a safeguard against potential data breaches.

What factors would you say have contributed to OPSWAT gaining recognition and prominence in the field of cloud security? Is it your solutions, your cloud security specialists, both – or even more?

OPSWAT’s recognition and prominence in cloud security can be attributed to our advanced solutions developed with over 20 years of cybersecurity expertise. Additionally, our team of cloud security specialists plays a crucial role in tailoring our offerings and staying ahead of emerging threats.

What would you say makes a great cloud security professional? What criteria do you consider when selecting a cloud security professional for your team, and what training and development opportunities does your company provide for newcomers in this role?

A great cloud security professional should have strong technical skills in cloud and cybersecurity, adaptability, effective communication, problem-solving abilities, and knowledge of compliance standards. Our company offers comprehensive onboarding training, supports relevant certifications, provides ongoing training, mentorship programs, and access to resources like security tools and publications to help our team excel in their roles and stay updated with the latest security practices.

This is your first time attending DefCamp – and we are thrilled to have you! What motivated you to attend and how do you plan to make most of the conference? Moreover, what should attendees expect from the OPSWAT team that will be present at DefCamp (both in terms of the technologies presented, but also regarding your available job openings)?

My motivation to attend DefCamp is to immerse myself in the cybersecurity community and stay updated with the latest trends. I plan to engage in discussions, network, and gain valuable insights. Attendees can expect OPSWAT to showcase cutting-edge security solutions and offer insights from our cloud security specialists. We will also provide information on available job openings for those interested in joining our team.

We take this opportunity to mention that DefCamp 2023 is powered by Orange Romania. Moreover, this edition is possible with the support of our main partners: Bit Sentinel, Booking Holdings Center of Excellence, Keysight Technologies Romania, the National Institute for Research and Development in Informatics – ICI Bucharest, FORT, OPSWAT,, MSD, TwelveSec, Bitdefender, Superbet x Happening, KPMG, Siemens and CyberEDU.

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