[Interview] Abdullah Joseph, Security Specialist at Adjust: Our role (as an attribution provider) is to be the point of truth, in measurement and attribution.

A killer business idea might be a mobile app that can generate lots of downloads and money, right? That seems to be a clear path to success for young entrepreneurs or someone who’s eager to start his own business. If you talk to Abdullah, you’ll probably rethink your approach a bit and start evaluating its implications […]Continue Reading

[Interview] Konrad Jędrzejczyk, Credit Suisse: “We Now Have a Problem With Unsophisticated Cyber-Crime Being Profitable”

Let’s get practical. The best way to build your experience and expertise as an infosec pro is through practice. Many of the people within the DefCamp community, both speakers and even attendees, are self-taught specialists who’ve shaped their own education and even others’ along the way. That’s why we believe you’re going to love Konrad Jędrzejczyk’s […]Continue Reading

[Interview] Muhammad Mudassar Yamin: Most ATMs Attacks Still Use Physical Vectors (Also) Because You Can Easily Buy Skimmers Online

The rise of new and advanced tech tools make everything easier today, including operations and transactions for the financial sector. This means that banks can offer better services to customers, through internet banking, ATMs and other methods. Security-wise, we can’t help but wonder how vulnerable ATMs are to cyber attacks, considering that they’ve always been […]Continue Reading