“An APT has targeted me more than once.”

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Eva Galperin is at the forefront of some of the delicate and pervasive issues in cybersecurity today.
This time it’s not about companies or CEOs. It’s about those who suffer the most from surveillance and cybercriminal tactics.

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Both at work and in her spare time, Eva puts all her effort behind her mission: to provide privacy and security for vulnerable populations around the world.
As the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s Director of Cybersecurity, this DefCamp speaker brilliantly uses her skills to track down cybercriminals involved in extremely complicated operations.
We’re talking about state-sponsored ATPs, cyberstalking, and domestic abuse involving cybercriminal tactics.

IMO she [Eva] is one of the few cybersecurity experts who gets the intersection between theory and practice.
Too much cybersecurity gets bogged down in chasing cool and interesting but unlikely threats, debating abstract policy, or goes down the rabbit hole into complicated math that only a few thousand people on the planet can understand.
Eva understands that cybersecurity is often “the best we can do right now” and that most people don’t have the NSA in their threat models.

Eva is bringing her down to earth approach and the practical methods she uses in her infosec research to Bucharest this year. You get to see her speak just a few weeks from now!

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Fearless. Focused. Inspiring!

Many – including the DefCamp team – look to Eva for more than improving their infosec skills. She gives the community a bigger mission: to fight inequality by helping victims protect themselves.

You can bet Eva walks the talk every single day.
She created the Surveillance Self Defense guide and the Digital First Aid Kit.
She’s in podcasts and interviews (Wired, Fast Company).
She speaks at conferences around the world, from DEF CON to RSA to Kaspersky Security Analyst Summit and, now, Bucharest!

Plus, she has a kick-ass Twitter account where she fiercely fights against cybercrime and stalkerware, even (or especially) when she feels her work is not glamorous.

That’s why we are SO excited to have her at DefCamp this year!

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A powerful motivation

[…] really sit down and think about what you want to protect and who you want to protect it from. And the reason why this is incredibly important is that trying to protect everything all the time from everybody will just drive you crazy.

Eva fights bullies for a living for a very personal reason: her grandparents’ experience during the Holocaust.
Having been around computer security issues from a young age – because her dad was an infosec specialist – Eva’s expertise runs both deep and wide.
Want to find out more about Eva? Check out this great episode from The Scene all about her!

We’re honored to have her as part of a stellar lineup of speakers for our 10-year Defcamp anniversary!

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Can you imagine there are only 9 weeks left until DefCamp 10?
Neither can we, but, boy, are we excited!

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