It’s ON. Registration for DefCamp 2021 is OPEN.

We live in strange times when everything we know has to be changed from one day to the next. 2020 was the year of remote and digital and we are fighting the consequences of accelerated digitalization : threats and vulnerabilities left uncovered. 

The world needs #cybersecurity more than ever and we are happy to announce the dates and new format for DefCamp 2021. 

When: November 24-25, 2021

Format: Hybrid – both online and onsite in Bucharest, Romania

Spread the news by telling your friends or Share it on social media but make sure you get your ticket first. 

We’re working to make DefCamp a legendary experience that creates plenty of opportunities to learn from and grow as an infosec specialist.

We have a couple of logistics to share with you!

OPEN Call for papers

OPEN Call for contests

As a community oriented conference, we encourage knowledge sharing and collaboration, which is why we have opened DefCamp Call for Papers. Once you have a taste of the DefCamp Hacking Village, most definitely you want more excitement, more hacking, more activities but why not create your own competition?
Apply with your paper! Bring your ideas to the Hacking Village!

Registration for DefCamp 2021 is now OPEN!

On-site, in Bucharest – Romania Online
We hope to meet some of you offline, in Bucharest, to remember the good old days, to exchange knowledge or hack and compete in the Hacking Village for two full days. Get access to speakers, other professionals just like you and to both online and offline Hacking Village competitions.  As the worldwide limitations won’t allow us to have more people under the same roof, we will open the online streaming for all of you who want to attend but cannot do so for various reasons. What is amazing is the fact that you will be able to engage also in the online Hacking Village happening on CyberEDU with this pass. 

Secure your ticket according to your preference.

Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? We will do our best (and beyond) to make sure we will enjoy another DefCamp conference together. 

COVID-19 related arrangements

Please make sure you check our website if you have any questions related to logistics and other information. We have a FAQ area where we explain what will happen with all the variables taken into consideration. 

Until we meet again in November, keep an eye on all our social media channels and let’s stay safe because DefCamp is coming!

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