DefCamp 2021 will move fully ONLINE

DefCamp is more than a conference: it’s a community and it’s our way of fighting threats and online risks that arise every year as a result of accelerated digitization. That is why it facilitates networking and knowledge sharing at a professional level with the sole purpose of learning from each other and joining forces towards collaboration.

This year, we wanted to offer you the DefCamp hybrid experience, to allow members of the community to join both online and onsite but as per the latest updates, we have no choice but to move fully online. The “new normal” as some of you might relate when speaking about the COVID 19 pandemic has taught us to adapt quickly and embrace even more the digital experience. 

Keep the dates saved for the upcoming online DefCamp 2021!

24 – 25 November, full online


1. We learned to embrace change!

Like in the cybersecurity industry, we live by the motto expect the unexpected so when we started to put everything together for DefCamp 2021, we had in mind a backup plan in case we needed to do so.

That is why, we will move forward with creating a legendary experience for our entire community, all our partners, our speakers, our attendees and all our friends.    

2. We quickly adapt and innovate!

We will do our best and beyond to offer our community members a great experience, focusing on providing the means to connect, collaborate and learn from each other. 

3. Have you seen the first batch of speakers? 

Since we’ve opened the CFP, we have received lots of applications from experienced professionals ready to share their knowledge with the community. See here who’s speaking and what subjects they will present.   

4. Test your skill and win prizes in the Hacking Village

Hacking competitions are one of the best ways to learn new infosec skills and polish the existing ones, because they offer an engaging environment and the motivation to get involved. We are preparing new and exciting hacking competitions so stay tuned to find out more. One important mention, to enroll in the Hacking Village competitions and be eligible for prizes, you must have a valid DefCamp 2021 ticket

5. Are you a doer? 

We are aware that the current context is not the most friendly but we are a team of doers, we like to get things done and create meaningful experiences and connections with like-minded people, so we invite you to join us at DefCamp 2021. 

This being said, let’s virtually meet in less than one month, online, for DefCamp 2021. 

Last but not least, we take this opportunity to mention that DefCamp 2021 is powered by Orange Business Services. Moreover, this edition is possible with the support of our main partners: Keysight Technologies, Cegeka, Garrett, Secureworks, Bit Sentinel, and our partners Pentest-Tools and CyberEDU. 

Because #cybersecurity is vital and we need to stick together to face all upcoming threats and build a strong community. Each of us has a meaningful role to play in the current and future context. 

Stay safe, hacker family!

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