Ixia, a Keysight Business & DefCamp long lasting partnership aims to increase cybersecurity awareness for the local environment

Over 1.500 attendees are expected at the 9th edition of DefCamp that will take place in Bucharest, Romania on 8-9 November. This year’s edition will bring into the discussion the latest emerging threats and trends from the industry, as 2018 slowly comes to an end.
The conference hosts an impressive line-up of speakers, including Stefan Tanase & Gabriel Cirlig who you might remember from last year. During the event, Stefan will host a presentation about surveillance, censorship and the balkanization of the internet with a focus on online borders.
On the other hand, Gabriel will host two presentations, one about AutoHotKey, an open-source scripting language for Windows turned into Malware, and one about the Android Debug Bridge protocol. The extensive knowledge and expertise they have in the field is something that proves how much Ixia contributes to the cybersecurity environment.

The current partnership with Ixia, a Keysight Business was developed over the years as we shared the same visions, passions and goals.

“Our team has security in its DNA since the very first day of existence, therefore our support for DefCamp, the biggest conference on cyber security in CEE for nine years in a row, comes only as a natural continuation of our effort to keep companies updated, and upskilled in the latest cyber security methods, tools, and technologies.
Moreover, taking into consideration the ever-increasing impact of cyber security in this day and age, with vulnerabilities growing across platforms, it is important to keep up with the threats that constantly emerge, and DefCamp has a tremendous role in bringing together the latest information and knowledge available globally”, said Teodor Ceaușu, Country Manager at Ixia, a Keysight Business.

As Teodor previously mentioned, new threats and vulnerabilities emerge every day. It’s our duty to learn new ways on how to better protect ourselves, keeping a close eye also on how certain things evolve over time. A good example can be the cryptocurrencies movement, something that Adrian Hada & Mihai Vasilescu will share on stage. Their presentation shares insights regarding what they’ve seen in their honeypots in the past year – the threats involved, abused exploits and applications as well as other interesting data for the people involved in threat intelligence, operations and security roles. Radu Chiscariu will also be on the DefCamp stage, sharing interesting things about Drupalgeddon 2, a vulnerability that can affect over 1.000.000 websites on the Web.

Last but not least, let’s not forget that even with so many vulnerabilities and threats, there are experts who can Defend the Castle. Ixia’s team will host a challenging competition under the name “Defend the Castle” and will challenge attendees to create their own signatures for network-based attacks against some of the most well-known, publicly-documented vulnerabilities (or exploit kits) of the recent past. Contestant signatures will be tested against increasingly difficult-to-properly-detect attack traffic (exploit list below). But there’s a catch: Participants can’t be too aggressive—they will get penalized for blocking legitimate traffic (just like in the real world).
All in all, Ixia will keep attendants busy at DefCamp with a lot of knowledge and information to be shared both on stage and at their booth so make sure you’ll pay them a visit.

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