Lucky #13 is just around the corner: get your ticket & save the date for DefCamp 2023!

DefCamp 2023

Picture this: 60 passionate participants gathering in Bran, fueling their love for all things cybersecurity. This happened in 2011, when cybersecurity itself was an exclusive niche, captivating only a select few with its enigmatic allure. That was the beginning of DefCamp. And it shall always remain an important milestone in our history of infosec gatherings, as it set the wheels in motion, sparking a fire that continues to burn brighter each passing year. 

Fast forward to the epic anniversary edition in 2019. More than 2,000 fierce cybersecurity aficionados came together to create a timeless memory and carry on the legacy. And, even after the two years of online activity that followed, the response from the community in 2022 was pure magic. As a result, over 1,600 infosec enthusiasts reunited in the heart of Bucharest!

At DefCamp, we don’t just preach unity; we live and breathe it! We are a strong community bound by our passion and curiosity for cybersecurity. For that reason, there’s nothing more rewarding than reconnecting with like-minded individuals who share the same interest for defending the digital realm. DefCamp is the ultimate opportunity to LEARN from brilliant minds, PRACTICE cutting-edge skills, GROW beyond our wildest dreams, and CONNECT with an awe-inspiring network of professionals.

Lucky for all of us, this is going to happen all over again. This November!

DefCamp 2023 is bringing the infosec community magic back!

That is why we are thrilled to announce that DefCamp is BACK ONSITE for the lucky edition #13!

Where? Bucharest, Romania 
When? November 23rd-24th 

Let’s all meet up there and have the time of our lives at the DefCamp 2023 conference – it’s going to be absolutely INSANE!

Registrations for DefCamp 2023 are now OPEN!

Which means there’s no better time to BOOK YOUR EARLY BIRD TICKET than RIGHT NOW. 

Be sure to also save the date and mark your calendars. By all means, remember to unleash the true power of social media: share the news on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to make this a global infosec celebration like never before!  

Moreover, at DefCamp, every moment is a lucky charm for your growth as an infosec specialist. Therefore, seize the chance to elevate your skills, gather knowledge from top-notch experts, and unlock new doors of opportunity in the cybersecurity realm! 

Additionally, a cool thing at DefCamp is that you get to wear multiple hats, each shining in a different shade of white. You can get yourself a ticket and roam around to see what we have in store for you in the presentation / expo / competition areas. Or…

Apply at DefCamp 2023’s CALL FOR… 


You could step into the spotlight and be the next DefCamp rockstar! To put it another way, get on the DefCamp stage to share your knowledge and expertise with your peers. Help them know what you know.

DefCamp 2023


You could be a CTF mastermind in the making! The Hacking Village is always open to fresh competitions that attract the most skilled hackers from the community. Of course, CyberEDU is ready to host them all.

DefCamp 2023


You could be a behind the scenes fairy! Sprinkle your magic and passion onto the table and be part of the dream team that makes DefCamp happen. 

DefCamp 2023

They’re waiting for you @ #DefCamp 2023…

✅ like-minded people

✅ learning, growing and networking opportunities

✅ best in the biz speakers

✅ new career paths

✅ ways to level up your skills & knowledge

✅ CTF challenges in the Hacking Village, like you’ve never experienced before

✅ a wealth of cybersecurity resources from our renowned partners

Book your DefCamp 2023 ticket!

Ultimately, we highly recommend you to keep an eye on us as we get closer to the event. Right now we’ve only scratched the surface of what’s in store for DefCamp 2023. Until we meet again in November, we’ll do our best to keep you updated with fresh info. Naturally, we’ll send it over to you to your inbox, share it on all our social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn) and, of course, on this blog. 

The excitement is building, so stay close to us and be ready for any grand reveal. Just a few months remain until DefCamp 2023!

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