SOC-as-a-Service from Orange Business Services

Orange Business Services Security Operations Center solution is designed to protect a company's business from the risk that information, applications, databases, servers and workstations, data and systems are modified, copied or destroyed. The service is responsible for identifying, investigating, prioritizing, escalating and resolving issues, which most of the time, are generated intentionally or accidentally by the human resource.

The mission of SOC solutions is to provide customer organizations with a highly mature detection and response capability designed to mitigate threats that endanger their most critical business assets. Security Operation Center (SOC) services define security operations to respond to emerging and ongoing cyber threats.

Our highly experienced cybersecurity professionals are ready to work with your organization to craft a security strategy that fits your specific needs. Our SOC solution provides you with the tools, personnel, expertise, and experience you need to detect, investigate, respond to, and mitigate threats — before they do damage to your business. Find out more, here. 

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