Mohamed Bedewi

Senior Security Researcher and Penetration Tester

Senior Security Researcher and Penetration Tester with more than 13 years of technical experience, he has worked with sensitive governmental entities, banks, colleges, major telecommunication providers, power and energy providers, transportation authorities, his main area of interest is web application security, SCADA/ICS penetration testing, application exploitation, social engineering and physical security. Expert in almost every operating system, deep and detailed understanding of all 7 OSI Layers, Unix and Linux user with years of in depth technical experience, malicious coder, exploitation ninja and capable of turning a very simple vulnerability into a nightmare, stealthy by default and even if you have the latest security mechanisms in place, you’ll always find him lurking around looking for new vulnerabilities and exploits!

Active Defense Untangled

Once upon a time all we needed for security was Norton Antivirus but nowadays security has evolved in a way that we as security professionals can barely keep up with, hundreds of security solutions, next generation technologies, machine learning and artificial intelligence…etc.

Unfortunately with all these technologies and evolvement, we’re still lacking and the hackers are still hacking and the reason is very simple, we have less or delayed intelligence when it comes to sophisticated and persistent threats also we’re following outdated approaches for defense.

In this presentation I will explain what is active defense and how can it be fully utilized in production environments to achieve almost 0% of false-positives, I will also highlight the process of extracting intelligence while feeding it to deployed security devices so you can always stay ahead!

Presentation @DefCamp 2017