Neculai Balaban

Member of the national team the represented Romania in ECSC 2017

Dorin Enache is the Learning Innovation Consultant for Orange Romania and he’s in charge of implementing the learning and development strategy. Also he work on Continuas Improvement programs to reshape and stream line the learning processes in the company.
This year he was the soft skills coach for the Romanian Cyber Security Challenge team that represented Romania in Spain, Malaga at the European Championship.

Road to ECSC 2017

This talk is Co-Presented with Learning Innovation Consultant, Orange Romania.
For the third year in a row Romania has been part of the European Cyber Security Challenge. Last year the Romanian team managed to snag the second place. This year they’re aiming for the top spot.
Each country of the 15 participating has competitions at the national level to select the best members for their national teams. The European Cyber Security Challenge (ECSC) leverages on these competitions by adding a pan-European layer. Top cyber talents from each participating country meet to network and collaborate and finally compete against each other.
The European Cyber Security Challenge is an initiative by the European Union Agency for Network and Information Security (ENISA) and aims at enhancing cyber security talent across Europe and connecting high potentials with industry leading organizations. Dorin will tell you how Orange got involved and helped the Romanian team, while Neculai will tell us how he became involved in CTF competitions, what he did to qualify in the Romanian Team and what was the experience like at ECSC.
Also why it’s important for young people to get involved in CTF competitions.

Presentation @DefCamp 2017