Vlad Sorici

Project Manager for Orange Fab

Project Manager for Orange Fab, he started working for Orange in 2012, in the development and innovation team, focusing on creating architectures for new services. In the last few years he has been working on research projects for new generation services and network development, including 5G, as well as in creating partnerships with the startup ecosystem for obtaining innovative products.

Supporting innovation in cybersecurity through acceleration program – Orange Fab

Orange Fab Romania is a 1-year startup accelerator, conceived to support entrepreneurs in developing innovative products and help them distribute both locally and globally. This startup program is looking for start-ups in Romania with mature innovative products that not only improve people’s live but set a trend on how people will live in the future and has 4 tracks: Smart territories, Future of life, Networks of future and Security.
Security industry is considered more and more important as it is an essential prerequisite for functioning of any system so the focus of this track is on products that can deliver outstanding security innovations be it in the digital world or in the physical world.

Presentation @DefCamp 2017