Threat Intelligence Services from SecureWorks

Cyber threat intelligence is evidence-based information that identifies emerging threats to your organization and helps mitigate your exposure to them. An efficient threat intelligence security team analyzes and prioritizes global and targeted threats, so your organization can proactively prevent security attacks. Take advantage of our threat intelligence gleaned through scale and visibility across ~4,400 client environments around the world. Developed by the SecureWorks Counter Threat Unit™ (CTU) research team, we develop cyber threat intelligence your organization can readily take action on.

In our Security Center of Excellence in Bucharest, Romania, we are building probably the largest and most capable Threat Intelligence capability in the Eastern Europe. We are putting together in the same crucible CTU Researchers, Vulnerability Investigators, Intelligence Analysts, Malware Reversers and Client-facing Threat Intelligence Residents to create a comprehensive end-to-end strategy that is consistent with the Intelligence cycle, embedded within the greater vision of our industry-leading Counter Threat Unit™.

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