The 4-FLIGHT system

The 4-FLIGHT system, defined by DSNA and developed by Thales, the world leader in air traffic management, is a response to the high increase in air traffic demand in France and Europe.

It will equip all 5 French Area Control Centres (ACCs) operating in 1 million km² of airspace. This new generation, stripless control system integrates Coflight, the advanced flight data processing system, an interface (HMI) proposing innovative control tools, and the simulation environment for controller transitioning. One of the first expected benefits is an increase of around 20 per cent in overall capacity, enabling DSNA to offer higher quality and more competitive services to all aircraft operators. Notably, Free Route, and more widely the ‘User Preferred Route’, will be implemented in a complex, high density airspace.

Currently, the first operational version of 4-FLIGHT is under preparation in the two pilot-control centres, Marseille and Reims ACCs, and Paris ACC is getting acquainted with 4-FLIGHT on site.

Thanks to Coflight, air traffic controllers are able to optimise flight trajectories, which results in flight time and fuel consumption savings. The performance delivered to airspace users is optimal!

Did you know?

In 2017, the French air navigation services handled 3.1 million flights, with one-day peak

11,016 flights, setting new records for air traffic in Europe.

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