BSS-CERT Security Operations Center from Bit Sentinel

Bit Sentinel introduces BSS-CERT - one of the very first professional SOC-as-a-Service available for customers across all major verticals and industries who need comprehensive detection, response, and threat intelligence capabilities.
BSS CERT DefCamp 2023

A Security Operations Center, also known as SOC, is a 24/7 operation facility in charge of identifying, remedying, and responding – in real time – to cybersecurity threats targeting an organization. A SOC is essential for any organization, as it monitors the infrastructure from one end to another – networks, systems, databases, devices, apps, processes – ensuring a proactive approach when protecting an organization’s infrastructure and keeping it ten steps ahead of malicious actors.

An organization can have their own SOC. However, setting up and managing an internal SOC is often time-consuming and quite expensive. This is where Bit Sentinel’s Security Operations Center-as-a-Service division, also known as BSS-CERT, comes in! 

BSS-CERT Security Operations Center provides a complete monitoring, alerting, incident management and investigation system and covers all cybersecurity processes. Every day, activities taking place in IT systems are analyzed, patterns and alert systems are created that identify anomalies which are then verified by the department’s team of experts.

What to expect from Bit Sentinel BSS-CERT Security Operations Center

Highly skilled cyber security professionals who:

  • hold over 40 of the most prestigious professional certifications in the field
  • Provide up to 24/7/365 monitoring and support to protect your people, cloud infrastructure, physical infrastructure and SaaS applications
  • offer regular updates on your security status
    address threats immediately
  • work side-by-side with you to agree on the best action plans and strategies
  • align the SOC strategy with your business goals
  • install, tune, deploy and manage everything related to your cyber security

Next-gen SIEM technology and other integrated tools that allow us to provide you best-in-class services:

  • Monitoring security events and alerts from security solutions (e.g. Fortinet Firewall, Antivirus)
  • Monitoring cloud security events and alerts (Azure Active Directory, Office 365 and so on)
  • Monitoring security alerts on on-premise/cloud servers and virtual machines
  • Monitoring security alerts on workstations
  • Network event monitoring (Fortigate, NetFlow and so on)
  • Response to critical or high impact security alerts
  • Security incident response
  • Support and assistance for security incident management and expert analysis
  • Constant Vulnerability Assessment
  • Regular Active Directory
  • Vulnerability & Risk Assessment
  • Active Threat Hunting
  • Installation and monitoring of traps and deception systems/honeypots
  • Analysis of suspicious emails
  • and so much more!

Cybersecurity, with the implementation of monitoring and alerting methods for analysis, identification, detection and response to cyber incidents, is an important part of the IT&C evolution. By accessing these services, companies can increase the average speed of response to eliminate threats and reduce the costs associated with such an incident (financial, reputational, data loss or downtime).

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