Alexandru Balan

Chief Security Researcher, Bitdefender

Alex works as Chief Security Researcher and Spokesperson for Bitdefender. Though he graduated from the prestigious Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies, his professional career was focused on Information Security, Innovation and Product Strategy, thus far accumulating over 13 years of experience in these fields. He drove the vision for Bitdefender’s UNIX-based security solutions prior to kickstarting an ambitious project to bring forward the R&D department, and steer a good part of the company’s focus towards technology and innovation. His role contributed significantly to the company’s current position as technology leader.

Currently, he’s driving research and solving puzzles in the vast field of IoT Security.

A new Hope – CTF stories & IoT Hacking

“Academic” hacking is awesome! We’ll tell you all about how we trained the Romanian hacking team, how we formed our own hacking team and the story behind the Pwn2Own/IoT Village here at DefCamp.

IoT Village Awards

IOT Village is designed to have a practical approach towards device hacking allowing the participants to win the gadgets they actually hack into. There is a wide range of devices like routers, webcams etc. available to be played with during DefCamp. But beware! You will not be the only one …let’s see how you can handle the pressure!

Presentation @DefCamp 2015