David Sancho

Senior Malware Researcher at Trend Micro (ES)

Infosec Professional specialized in hunting cybercriminals in the context of botnets, ransomware and other malware. Malware case investigator with contacts in law enforcement agencies in Southern Europe. Experienced malware researcher with a technical background on reverse-engineering and some low-level programming and perl scripting. Good public speaker and media-friendly, has delivered presentations on a variety of security topics to all kinds of audiences, from the very technical to the more sales-oriented ones. Passionate for IT security and well attuned to the latest events and developments in the IT security world.

Broad technical experience and a good delivery. Focus on public speaking, training, press speaking and Technical Research in the anti-malware field.

Specialties: Security, Anti-malware, Public Speaking

When Steganography Stops Being Cool

The art and science of concealing data inside other data is what we know as steganography. People have used it for a long time to keep adversaries from looking at their secret information. While attackers have been using steganography for centuries and for different purposes, in this talk we focus on malware authors and how they hide configuration data and second-stage malicious code in places we are not necessarily looking at. This includes not only the traditional images but they also abuse network protocols and other communication channels. By reviewing current techniques in use, we try to predict how the future looks like. We, and the security industry as a whole, need improved and better solutions to detect malicious steganography uses and to finally overcome the ever-increasing number of cybercriminals jumping on the “stego-bandwagon”.

Presentation @DefCamp 2015