Alexandru Stoian

Cyber security specialist @ CERT-RO

Alex is a cyber security fossil working for CERT-RO since 2013, with a keen interest in studying malicious tools and activities. Involved generally against his will in development projects related to monitoring infrastructure against security and availability threats, automating infrastructure deployment using dev-ops tools and assessing new open-source and commercial tools that might tip the scale in favor of the defenders. Definitely up to no good.

Incident Busters. A 2017 retrospective

2017 was a very difficult and interesting year for us at CERT-RO, with big and very mediatized cyber outbreaks that got misunderstood by the public. This here is a retrospective of this year with a couple of lessons learned and a couple of funny stories from the front-lines, proving that humans will still be humans even if they mostly interact with machines. And wait, there’s more. We definitely need you. Yes, you the public.
This talk is co-presented with Catalin Patrascu, Coordinator of the Incident Handling Team @ CERT-RO

Presentation @DefCamp 2017