Yehia Mamdouh

Penetration Tester Specialist and Security Researcher at DTS-Solution

Yehia Mamdouh has 8+ years experience on penetration testing and security research field along with social engineer and physical assessment and now he is holding a position as a penetration tester specialist and security researcher @ DTS-Solution @ Dubai, he is the author of many tools like XSSYA V1-2 which has been added to many Linux Distro Like (Black-Arch – BugTraq) and BetWorm, he was keynote speaker for many conferences like (Defcamp 2016 – QuBit 2016 – Middle east security summit 2015) – He got many certifications like (CCNA -CEH – VAPT on Android & IOS – Exploiting Web Applications with Samurai – Cyber Crime Investigation QCERT) -Bug-Hunter in his spare time and his name has been added on hall of fame of many websites.

You Fail in SE If You Make Those Mistakes

Humans are the Weakest link in security, Including Social Engineers themselves, We see a lot of talks talking about how to be a professional social engineer through what we should do and what kind of knowledge we should gain?! But in this talk we will spot a light on what mistakes we should avoid during our social engineer assessment? Mistakes we may do with the reconnaissance phase, preparation phase, exploitation phase or reporting phase, We also will spot on how psychology can help us in our assessment? Also, many companies give awareness to their employees against social engineer, but they have been attacked successfully, we will find out where the mitigation gaps here with real life examples taken by me.

Presentation @DefCamp 2017